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Congratulations to Jason Gallagher, Winner of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event!

By March 6, 2023No Comments

On the final hand of the tournament, Jason Gallagher and Ed Alikhani were heads up on the turn of a board showing [10d][6h][4h][Kh]. Alikhani bet two million, and Gallagher, easily having him covered, moved all in.

Alikhani called with [Ks][3s], and Gallagher showed [Ks][5h]. It was likely to end in a chopped pot, but the [7h] on the river gave Gallagher a winning flush.

Bike regular Ed Alikhani will take home $61,500, but the full first place prize of $95,455 is going home with Jason Gallagher! Thank you to everyone who came out to play to make this first event so massive. Remember that we have another major Day 2 coming up tomorrow at 12 PM. See you all again then!

Ed Alikhani – 2nd place

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