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Temporary Tournament Venue Change at the Bike

By November 25, 2022No Comments

We have an important update about this first week of tournaments that we want to share with all of you here. The Event Center space where the tournaments are normally held is closed this week in order to house viewing parties for the World Cup. Therefore, this week of tournaments will be held in the opposite end of the casino, near the Phoenix Cafe and the Valet parking. 

There is a direct entrance to the new tournament room next to the Valet Parking. Simply ask an employee if you can’t find it. And if you park in the Self Parking area, head to the back right of the casino when you enter, rather than the back left as you normally would.

The tournaments will be in here until Saturday, December 3rd, when the Ring Events start. Those events will be back in the usual tournament, the Event Center. Come join us! 


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