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The $150,000 Guaranteed Mystery Bounty Event Has Started

By October 17, 2023October 18th, 2023No Comments

It’s time to kick off our latest Mystery Bounty Event here at the Parkwest Bicycle Casino. For those who are not familiar with this format, here’s how it goes. There will be three Day 1 starting flights today, tomorrow, and Thursday, where play will be like any other No-Limit Hold’em tournament here. Those who make it to Day 2 will come back Friday, where every knockout will earn a player a mystery bounty envelope. They will range in cash value, with the top envelope being worth a cool $25,000.

The first flight of the day has just started, and it’s a $560 flight that will see the top 12% advance to the Day 2 finals. Our second flight starts at 2 PM, and the final of the day kicks off at 4 PM. It should be a fun day of poker, so come join us!

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