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What’s Coming Up: Final Day of Mega Millions Qualifying

By April 15, 20232 Comments

The title says it all folks! Tomorrow if your last chance to qualify for the Day 2 finals as the final three starting sessions in the Mega Millions Event will be running. Just like today, the buy-in for the 11 AM and 4 PM sessions will be $275, while the afternoon flight has a $560 buy-in. Remember we will also have a $400 buy-in Mega satellite at 7 PM tomorrow night where the top 10% of players will all be eanring a discounted $3,800 Day 2 seat.

Check out the structures for both below. Come join us!


  • Hiragana Akushuma says:

    How many pros are expected and will this tournament be televised?

    • Jeff Thompson says:

      The tournament will not be televised. The Day 2 return list was recently posted you can see which pros have already qualified there.

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