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What’s Coming Up: Start of Mystery Bounty Event

By October 16, 2023No Comments

Tomorrow we kick off our next multiday big guarantee event, and this format is always a fun one. We will have the first three flights of our $150,000 Guaranteed Mystery Bounty Event coming up. In these events, all players who earn an elimination on Day 2 will draw a bounty envelope. One of those envelopes will be worth $25,000.

Last series, Bike regular Mike Eskandari won over $50,000 in this event, after chopping it heads up, and pulling a $10,000 bounty, and the coveted $25,000.

The action starts at 11 AM with a $560 flight, and the buy-in goes down to $300 for the 2 PM flight, before going back up to $560 in the 4 PM. Check out the structure sheets for all three flights below, and remember that in this event, you can combine your stacks if you qualify more than once!

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