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Aces vs. Kings vs. Queens

By March 26, 2024No Comments

We normally save the hand histories for the final table, but occasionally a hand comes along that demands a post, and that just happened with four tables left. After a limp from under the gun, Drew Hart made it 600,000 to go. Next to act, former Mini Mega Millions champion Sami Bechahed moved all in for about three million, and next to act right after that, Albyn Bello also moved all in for about the same stack. It folded back to Hart, who snap-called to create the biggest pot we have seen all tournament.

Hart: [Ah][Ad]

Bello: [Ks][Kc]

Bechahed: [Qh][Qs]

It was the three best hands in Hold’em against each other, and Hart was happy to see no sweats come on the board, as it ran down [8h][3d][4s][9s][7c]. Hart takes the chip lead, while also knocking out two of the most dangerous players left in the field.

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