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Agarwal Doubles Into the Chip Lead

By July 29, 2023No Comments

Blinds: 300,000/500,000

Anuj Agarwal raised to 1,200,000, and action folded to big stack Andrew Ostapchenko in the big blind. He moved all in, and Agarwal took one more look at his cards, before sliding chips in to call, creating a massive 28 million chip pot.

Agarwal: [7s][7c] Ostapchenko: [5s][5h]

Agarwal was in great shape with pocket sevens, and the walking sticks would hold up on a runout of [Ks][Jc][6s][8h][Kd].

Just like that, Agarwal goes from short stack to chip leader, while Ostapchenko tumbles down and is now one of the short stacks.

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