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All of the Details for Today’s Day 2 Buy-in

By August 8, 2023No Comments

Today is the first of two different Day 2 sessions for what will be one of the biggest Day 2’s the Parkwest Bicycle Casino has ever seen. All players who drew a 2A seat will be coming back today at 12 PM to play their Day 2 session. The Day 2B players will be playing tomorrow at the same time.

Below you will see the structure for play for the next two days. Each day, players who haven’t qualified already will have until the start of Level 3 to buy in directly for $1,400. That cash will get players 200,000 in chips to start. Each day, the field will play down to the top 15% before bagging up for the night. Those players will combine Thursday at 12 PM to play Day 3, where they will play 12 more hours. There is a possible Day 4 on Friday, August 11th if necessary.

If you have already qualified for Day 2B, you are allowed to buy in directly today for $1,400. If you qualify for Day 3 from that session, your bag from Day 2B will be picked up. Players will also be allowed to buy in on Day 2A AND Day 2B, if they do not qualify for Day 3 on the first day.

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