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Anthony Denove Eliminated in 5th Place ($25,250), David Singontiko Eliminated in 4th Place ($33,340)

By March 7, 2024No Comments

Blinds: 400,000/800,000

Action folded to Anthony Denvoe on the button, and he moved all in for 8,950,000. David Singontiko got a count in the small blind, then after a minute or so of thought, he announced all in.

Phuoc Nguyen was in the big blind, and he immediately declared, “I’m all in,” which meant he was calling both shoves.

Denove: [As][10s] Singontiko: [9c][9h] Nguyen: [Kc][Kh]

It was a great time for Nguyen to wake up with a monster, but the flop of [Js][8s][5h] gave Denove new life with a flush draw. However, the board finished out [8d] and [7d], and Nguyen clapped his hands and celebrated with his rail as he secured the double knockout, propelling him into the


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