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Austin Doubles Through Cohen

By December 19, 2022No Comments

Blinds: 75,000/150,000

Nick Austin opened the action by raising all in for 1,050,000. It folded to Naor Cohen, who appeared to not see the all-in, as he put in 425,000 from the button, presumably thinking he was opening for a raise. When he saw that Austin was all in, Cohen had to decide whether to forfeit the 425,000 and fold, or call the all in. He chose to call and when everyone else folded, the cards were tabled.

Cohen: [Kc][3c]

Austin: [Ac][Js]

The board ran down [Jh][8c][5d][6c][3d], and whole Cohen turned a flush draw, he wasn’t able to catch up, doubling Austin to over two million.

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