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Bechahed Wins Coin Flip for Nearly Every Chip in Play

By March 23, 2023No Comments

Blinds: 1,000,000/1,500,000

Sami Bechahed and Michael Gonzalez were virtually even in chips when the two got in a raising war preflop. Eventually, Bechahed would shove with [5s][5d], and Gonzalez called with [Ah][Kh].

The flop of [6h][4c][2h] gave Gonzalez the nut flush draw, keeping him in the lead even though Bechahed had the only pair. The [4d] turn was a blank, as was the [6c] river. The chips were counted down, and Bechahed doubled up to 124 million, leaving Gonzalez with just six million back.

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