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Chahn Jung New Chip Leader With 54 Left

By April 18, 2023No Comments

We have hit the first pay jump of the Day 3 restart, as the final 54 players all have over $5,400 locked up. Our new chip leader is Chahn Jung, who has built himself a wall of chips that by our best estimation is around 14 million. It appears that he got a good chunk of those from start of day chip leader Tae Gon Kim, as he is down to 2.1 million from a starting stack of nearly six million.

Also moving up the chip counts today is recent Mini Mega Millions winner, and last year’s Mega Millions runner-up Sami Bechahed. He started the day with 1.1 million but has already quadrupled that to well over an average stack in the first hour of play.

Here is how some of the other notables are faring at the moment.

Blinds: 50,000/100,000 Average: 2,554,000

Chahn Jung 14,000,000
Sami Bechahed – 4,300,000
Phong “Turbo” Nguyen – 4,000,000
Adam Weinraub – 3,700,000
Jack Sorfazian – 3,500,000
David Rosenbloom – 3,200,000
David Uvaydov – 3,100,000
Larry Quang – 3,000,000
Jeremy Mintz – 2,400,000
Tae Gon Kim – 2,100,000
Marcel Sabag – 1,800,000
Ty Dobbertin – 1,700,000

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