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Congratulations to David Cabrera Polop, Winner of Mega Millions XXV!

By September 6, 2023One Comment

On the final hand of the 25th installment of the Mega Millions, Lucian Silveira shoved his short stack in with [10c][3h], and David Cabrera Polop put him at risk with [Ah][8d]. The hand was all but over after the [As][8s][2d] flop, and while the [5c] gave Silveira four outs, the [2h] wasn’t one of them.

As we mentioned before, the two players agreed to chop the remaining money evenly, so both players will walk home with $304,447. However, it is Cabrera Polop who will have his face on the banner on the walls of the tournament room, and also give himself a chance at an even bigger payday in Vegas in December by earning a seat to the $10,400 WPT Championship!

Lucian Silveira- Runner Up

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