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Congratulations to Kenneth Kim, Winner of Mega Millions XXVI!

By March 27, 2024No Comments

And Kenneth Kim has completed the comeback! Right after losing the lead to Kim, Nathan Rosinger moved all in for about 70,000,000. Kim looked at his cards one at a time, and as soon as he saw his second card, he called and spiked [Ad][Qc] onto the felt.

Rosinger had two live unders with [8c][7c], but he was drawing nearly dead after the flop came [Ks][Qs][10s]. The [6h] gave Rosinger a glimmer of hope, as a nine would complete the straight, but the [8h] came instead.

Rosinger will have to settle for the second-place payout of $222,530, while Kenneth Kim will earn the full first-place prize of $351,900. Funny enough, Kim told us midway through Day 3 that there was an error on our return list, and that our list of 77 names actually only had 76, as his name was missing. Well, his name will be known now, as he will have a banner on the wall for the title.

Congratulations to Kenneth, and thank you to everyone who made this one of the biggest tournaments ever held here at the Parkwest Bicycle Casino!

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