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Congratulations to Peter Cross, Winner of the Mystery Bounty Event

By October 20, 2023No Comments

Peter Cross – 1st place for $23,245 

Peter Cross punctuated his dominating final table performance in style. In the first hand of heads up, Ryan Gomez moved all in with [Js][2s], and Peter Cross looked down at a dream scenario: [Ah][Ad]. He quickly called, and though Gomez picked up a straight draw on the [10h][9s][7d] flop, and a pair on the [2h] turn, the aces held for Cross to secure him the victory.

Despite finishing in second place, Ryan Gomez will actually go home with the most cash, having secured $19,000 in bounties to push his overall total to $30,655. Meanwhile, Cross secured $5,000 in total bounties, all collected at the final table, to secure the title, and a payday of $23,245.

Ryan Gomez – 2nd place for $30,655

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