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Congratulations to Pham Nguyen, Outright Winner of the $750,000 Guaranteed Event

By April 4, 2023No Comments

Pham Ngyuen held the chip lead throughout most of the final table, and anytime one of the players tried to bring up the idea of a chop, Ngyuen always politely declined. Well, it worked to his benefit, as Nguyen just won the final hand of the event to earn the full first-place prize of $165,710.

On the final hand, Brandon Eisen was in great shape to score a much-needed double-up, getting his stack in preflop holding [9h][9s] to the [Ah][7c] of Nguyen. However, an ace popped up right on the flop, and Eisen wasn’t able to catch up from there.

Congratulations to Nguyen on his impressive showing today, and thank you to everyone who came out to play in this massive event. Remember that the series wraps with the start of Mega Millions coming up in just two days!

Brandon Eisen – Runner up for $94,250

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