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Congratulations to William Wolf, Winner of the $1,100 Ring Event

By December 14, 2022No Comments

With William Wolf and Salim Admon very deep heads up, it was going to take a cooler of a hand for the two to get all the chips in, and that’s just what happened on the final hand.

After Wolf raised and Admon three-bet preflop, the two got all of the latter’s chips in after a flop of [10c][9c][8h]. Admon had [Jh[Jd], but he was trailing the [10s][8s] of Wolf.

An ace came on the turn, and Wolf improved to a full house on the [8d] river, securing his third ring in style. Admon will take home $13,950, but the first place prize of $22,565, and the WSOPC ring, are going home with Wolf!

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