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Cross Doubles Through Gavatin, Then the Reverse Happens

By March 10, 2023No Comments

Blinds: 30,000/50,000

Mats Gavatin raised to 110,000 in the hijack, before Peter Cross moved all in next to act for 775,000. Gavatin quickly called when it folded back to him with [Kh][Kd], and Cross needed help with [9s][9h].

The flop brought no help, coming [Ad][8s][3s], but the [9d] spiked on the turn to give Cross a commanding lead. He held to the river, doubling up to over 1,600,000, while Gavatin was crippled down to 350,000.

Those chips would go in a couple of hands later, with Cross putting him at risk once again holding pocket nines. This time, Gavatin had the worst of it with [10h][8c], and the flop hit both players, coming [Ac][Jh][9h]. Cross had flopped bottom set, but Gavatin had eight outs now, and he hit one with the [Qd] turn. He avoided the board pairing up, and he secured a double back up to  700,000.

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