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Final Results from the Mini Mega Millions III Final Table

By November 6, 2023No Comments

The third installment of the Mini Mega Millions ended in a four-way chop, with all four players earning a six-figure payday. Below you will see the full breakdown of all of the payouts from the final table. Thank you to everyone who came out to make this event such a big success. We will see you all again after Thanksgiving for the final series of the year here at the Parkwest Bicycle Casino!

Winner: Ryan Gomez – $116,475

2nd: Mike Eskandari – $107,000

3rd: Corey Kirschner – $105,000

4th: Marc Robinson – $102,190

5th: Sebastian Kolman – $41,825

6th: Chris Doan – $32,450

7th: Ky Nguyen – $25,445

8th: Alex Farahi – $19,860

9th: Maiko Bruederlin – $15,075


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