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Final Round of Notable Chip Counts Tonight

By March 24, 2024No Comments

We are down to the final 43 players tonight, meaning we are just ten eliminations from being done for the day. Below you will see a handful of the players who are still alive and vying for this Mega Millions title.

Stay tuned to find out who bags the chip lead from this session, and don’t forget that our Day 2B restart is tomorrow at 12 PM, with registration for $3,500 open until the start of Level 3!

Blinds: 15,000/30,000 Average: 1,320,000 Players Left: 43

Huy Lam – 3,200,000
Hamid Khorrman – 3,000,000
Fausto Valdez – 2,700,000
Albyn Bello – 2,600,000
Phuoc Nguyen – 1,600,000
Troy Lombardo – 1,500,000
Sami Bechahed – 1,200,000
Elvin Bello – 1,100,000
Safiya Umerova – 970,000
Frank Lin – 350,000

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