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Fresh Counts From the Final Five

By December 13, 2022No Comments

We are approaching the final scheduled level of play today in the Main Event, with just five players remaining. Play is scheduled to stop at the end of Level 26, but there’s a chance the players might choose to extend play until a winner is decided. Below you will see how the final five currently stack up. Head on over to the WSOP Live Updates page for more extensive coverage, and be sure to come back in the morning to hear how the Main Event wraps up tonight!

Blinds: 20,000/40,000 Average: 1,500,000

Honxing Zhang – 2,200,000
Andrew Merrick – 1,800,000
Adam Miller – 1,600,000
Nguyen Nguyen – 1,300,000
Andres Garcia – 420,000

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