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Gallagher Doubles Again to Nearly Even Things

By March 6, 2023No Comments

Blinds: 300,000/600,000

When three-handed play started, Zewdie Wondimagegn was the big chip leader, and Jason Gallagher was the severe short stack. Now, after another all-in, Gallagher has pulled virtually even. On this last hand, Wondimagegn would shove all in after the flop came down [Ac][Jd][9s]. Gallagher quickly called with [As][9h], and Wondimagegn was virtually drawing dead with [Ad][2h].

The [10c] turn meant that a jack or ten would now make for a chop, but the [7c] came instead.

Now, Wondimagegn has a slight lead with 23 million, Gallagher has 22 million, and Ed Alikhani has about 18 million. Despite how close the stacks are, they haven’t look at any numbers for a deal yet.

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