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Gonzalez Clawing Back, Doubles Twice

By March 23, 2023No Comments

Michael Gonzalez would double up on the next hand when he spiked a pair of fours on the flop after missing the first three cards. That would get him up to 14 million, and not long after, he would be all in again with [Kc][Js]. Sami Bechahed had [Qd][8d], and the flop of [Kh][9d][7d] brought plenty of action.

The [Qh] turn meant that Bechahed would win with a queen, eight, or diamond, but the [10h] came instead to give Gonzalez a straight, and a double up to 30 million.

Bechahed still holds a comfortable lead, but he joked about having flashbacks to the Mega Millions last year, where Charley Du was well behind heads up before winning several all-ins from behind to defeat him.

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