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Gonzalez Spikes Turn To Take Chip Lead From Bechahed

By March 23, 2023No Comments

Blinds: 500,000/1,000,000

Michael Gonzalez had slowly chipped away at Sami Bechahed’s mammoth stack, but he was still trailing when the biggest pot of the night developed. On a flop of [6c][5s][3h], Gonzalez led for a million, and Bechahed made it 4,000,000 to go. Gonzalez moved all in for 36 million total, and once Bechahed confirmed he said all in, he quickly called.

Bechahed: [Qs][Qh] Gonzalez: [Ac][7h]

Bechahed’s queens were in the lead, but the [4c] spiked right on the turn to give Gonzalez the hand. With that pot, Bechahed is not the chip leader for the first time at this final table, as Gonzalez leads with 72 million to the 55 million of Bechahed.

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