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Greg Gibson Eliminated in 6th Place ($18,360)

By March 6, 2023No Comments

Blinds: 300,000/500,000

The biggest pot of the tournament played out shortly after players returned from the break. After a limp from Greg Gibson, chaos ensued, with raises coming from Zewdie Wondimagegn and Luis Yepez that led to a massive three-way all in. Yepez, who had just taken the chip lead the hand before the break with pocket aces, had the big stack of the three.

Gibson: [Ad][Qc] Yepez: [Ac][Ks] Wondimagegn: [Qh][Qs]

The flop brought three low cards, and the case queen came on the turn to seal the humongous pot for Wondimagegn. Gibson busted in 6th place, Yepez is now the short stack with 5,500,000, and Wondimagegn now over half the chips in play with five left now.

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