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James Millard Eliminated in 3rd Place ($188,405)

By April 19, 2023No Comments

Short stack James Millard moved all in for about 10 million, and both of his opponents called. After the flop came [Ks][Qs][6h], Esa Homayun open shoved all in. Wasser folded, saying “I hope you have a hand,” and Homayun obliged by showing [Kc][3d] for top pair.

Millard had just [Jc][2d], and a six on the turn left him drawing dead. Millard, who won his seat into the Day 2 finals through the $400 Mega Satellite on the last night of qualifying, turns that $400 into nearly $190,000.

With that, we are now heads up, with Homayun holding a lead of 100,000,000 to the 30,000,000 of Jason Wasser.

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