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Kevin Song Near the Top as the Bubble Bursts

By July 22, 2023No Comments

We are down to the final 99 players now, which means we are officially in the money in today’s Legendary Deepstack Event! Bike regular Kevin Song is one of the chip leaders with over 600,000, and you can view a handful of other regulars who made the money below.

The blinds are currently at 5,000/10,000, with an average stack of 240,000.

Kevin Song – 620,000
Ed Alikhani – 220,000
Jared Griener – 200,000
Reza Mahjoub – 150,000
Stuart Pfeifer – 80,000
Ryan Tosoc – 60,000
Kevin French – 52,000
Ty Dobbertin – 45,000

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