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Kim Doubles Up With Queen High

By March 27, 2024No Comments

Blinds: 1,000,000/2,000,000

It was a limped pot on a flop of [9c][7c][6h] when Nathan Rosinger checked to Kenneth Kim, who fired three million. Rosinger announced all in for 17 million effective, and Kim quickly called.

Rosinger showed [Jc][2c] for a flush draw, and Kim looked a bit dejected, but tabled a slightly better hand, [Qh][8h] for a straight draw and queen high that was basically a coin flip. The [6s] turn didn’t change much, nor did the [9d] river, and the queen played to secure Kim a double up to nearly 40 million. Rosinger still holds a comfortable lead with about 100,000,000.

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