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Level 12 Updated Chip Stacks

By September 4, 2023No Comments

We are nearing the end of play tonight, as the second to last level of the night has just kicked off. Below you will see how some of the notables are faring now that we are down to the final 110 players. We believe that Danny Wong is the only former champion of this event who is still alive, and he is on the short side right now with less than 10 big blinds.

Blinds: 20,000/40,000

David Rosenbloom – 4,200,000
Scott Stewart – 2,900,000
Nam Le – 2,200,000
Jordan Reid – 1,700,000
Orez Mokedi – 1,600,000
Jared Griener – 850,000
Alty Fung – 700,000
David Pham – 400,000
Payman Arjang – 375,000
Alfredo Pacheco – 350,000
Danny Wong – 300,000

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