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Mini Mega Millions III Final Table Photos

By November 5, 20232 Comments


Seat 1: Alex Farahi

Seat 2: Sebastian Kolman

Seat 3: Maiko Bruederlin

Seat 4: Marc Robinson

Seat 5: Ryan Gomez

Seat 6: Ky Nguyen

Seat 7: Chris Doan

Seat 8: Corey Kirschner

Seat 9: Mike Eskandari


  • Darryl Genis says:

    Would have loved to have been sitting there but it was not meant to be. I was card dead for five hours. My luck and skill combined with my patience allowed me to fold my way to 32nd place. Perhaps it could have been different but with under 2,000,000 left and blinds at $100,000, when I got A7 and lost a considerable amount, followed by A8 which left me with $10,000, THEN I pick up my first hand of the day turning KK into KKK55 but only end up with $30,000 and that got tourced one hand later. Every time I defended my BB I lost. My cards almost never connected with the flop. My best luck was twice getting it all in bad and making the chop. It was a fun tournament but I must confess I left disappointed. I also know I made at least 5 mistakes during the day. Well congratulations to all who placed and to the final table. See you all in December

  • Jeff Friedman says:

    I feel you. I came in 28th place. I made at least 5 mistakes or more. I hate myself right now.
    One thing I know. You gotta me in the moment. I act too fast sometimes.
    Back to the Bike in December.

    Jeff Friedman

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