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Natvidad Dodges Everything to Virtually Triple Up

By March 31, 2024No Comments

Blinds: 30,000/60,000

Wesley Morrow raised to 150,000, and Karo Davtyan called in middle position. From the big blind, Robert Natvidad bet 560,000, leaving himself just 15,000 behind.

Both Morrow and Davtyan called, and all three players checked down the board of [Kd][9h][7h][4s][7c]. Natvidad announced two pair, and showed [8h][8d]. Both his opponents showed two big missed draws, Morrow [Jd][10d] and Davtyan [Ah][3h], meaning Natvidad had dodged over half the deck to win the hand and jump his stack up to over 1,500,000.

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