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Nguyen Nguyen Eliminated In 4th Place ($28,010)

By December 14, 2022No Comments

Blinds: 30,000/50,000

Nguyen Nguyen shoved all in preflop for 550,000, and Adam Miller moved all in over the top, having the table covered. Andrew Merrick looked down at his cards and tanked for quite a while before folding what he claimed to be pocket jacks.

Miller showed [Ah][Kc], Nguyen tabled [Qd][10h], and neither player improved on the [9d][5c][7c][8s][5s] runout, busting Nguyen out in 4th. Meanwhile, Merrick would have taken over the chip lead had he found a call with the jacks, but Miller is more than happy with the result of the hand.

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