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Phuoc Nguyen Crippled, Eliminated in 5th Place ($84,485)

By March 27, 2024No Comments

Blinds: 500,000/1,000,000

Kenneth Kim moved all in for 7,500,000, and in the big blind, Phuoc Nguyen thought for about 20 seconds before calling with [Kc][Qh]. He was flipping against the [7h][7d] of Kim, and Kim won the race, as the board ran down [9d][5c][4d][3c][Ah].

This doubled Kim to over 15,000,000, and left Nguyen with just 2.5 million chips. Those chips would go in on the next hand, and he would get three callers. They would check to the river on the board [3d][2c][2d][As][6d], where Nathan Rosinger bet two million. Kim called with Ace-Queen, but it was no good, as Rosinger tabled [Qd][7d] for a flush. Both players beat Nguyen, and his dreams of becoming a two-time champion were vanquished.


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