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Rubin Doubles Up, Then Le Doubles Through Rubin Twice

By March 8, 2023No Comments

Blinds: 100,000/200,000

With the blinds rising, the chips are really starting to fly. First, after a raise from Sean Yu, Andrew Rubin moved all in holding [Ah][Qd]. Yu called with [Ad][8d], and the queen kicker played on a runout of [5s][4h][2c][Ac][Js].

On the next hand, Hieu Le would shove his final six big blinds in with [6d][6h], and he was in a classic race against the [Ah][9c] shown by Rubin. The board ran clean for the sixes, coming [Jh][Jc][4c][5c][3h], and Le doubled up to 2,300,000.

All those chips would go in the middle preflop on the next hand, and once again Rubin called to put him at risk. This time, Rubin was ahead with [Ah][Jc] against the [Ks][8s] of Le, and while the [10d][5d][4c] flop kept Rubin in the lead, the [Kh] came on the turn to give Le a dominating lead.

The river was a blank, and just like that, Le catapulted up to nearly five million in chips, second place now behind Pedro Rincon, while Rubin is the short stack again with 700,000.

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