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Salim Admon Crippled, Eliminated in 4th Place ($107,180)

By March 27, 2024No Comments

Blinds: 800,000/1,600,000

Salim Admon raised under the gun to 3,200,000, and action folded to Kenneth Kim in the big blind. He shoved with a nearly identical stack of around 14,000,000, and Admon snap-called with [Ad][Qs].

Kim was live with [Kc][9d], and both players would pair up on the [Ac][Ks][7d]. The [10h] turn didn’t change anything, but the [Kh] spiked on the river to give Kim the win.

Drew Hart told the table that he folded King-Ten, making the beat all that tougher for Admon, who took it silently well. Kim doubled to almost 30 million, and Admon was left with three big blinds. He was in the big blind and all in on the next hand, and busted to Nathan Kosinger after the big stack flopped two pair.

The final three are looking at numbers now for a potential deal.

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