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Somerville Spikes on Dadon

By October 20, 2023No Comments

Blinds: 40,000/80,000

Peter Cross raised to 160,000, and Roey Dadon moved all in for 900,000 and change. It folded to the big blind, Brian Somerville, and he moved all in for a bit less. Cross got counts for the bigger stack, and reluctantly folded his hand.

Dadon: [Ad][Kh] Somerville: [8s][8h]

Somerville asked for low cards, but the dealer did not comply, as the flop came down [Kc][Jh][10s]. Somerville now asked for an eight, and this time, the dealer obliged with the [8d] turn to leave Dadon drawing dead to a queen.

The river was the [As], doubling up Somerville, while Cross claimed to have folded the winning hand, Queen-Jack suited. Dadon has been able to double up a couple of times since then, but he is still the short stack.

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