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The Final Eight Make a Deal: Phong Chu is the Winner

By November 27, 2022No Comments

Since everyone was fairly short with the blinds going up, the final eight took a look at the numbers, and everyone agreed to a chop. Most of the players will be taking home five figures, no more than Phong Chu, who will earn $21,790 tonight, an incredible one day return on a $400 investment.

Check out the rest of the payouts below, and congratulations to everyone involved in the chop!

Phong Chu – $21,790
Mathew Barreira – $19,005
John Divecha – $14,260
Mike Stella – $10,350
Sameuel Provino – $10,130
Xiaochuan Xie – $10,030
Anonymous – $13,105
Fred Karenstian – $7,255

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