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The Final Four Agree to a Deal, Will Still Play it Out

By April 19, 2023No Comments

The final four took a look at the numbers, and all of them expressed a desire to still play it out with some money on the side to play for first. So they all agreed to take 10% out of each player’s number they were offered, and play it out for that total, just under $80,000. Below you will see how the deal is broken down, not taking into account the 10% being taken out of everyone’s total.

James Millard – 39,250,000 in chips: $209,303
Esa Homayun – 38,750,000 in chips: $208,270
Jason Wasser – 32,100,000 in chips: $193,659
Steven Kim – 26,550,000 in chips: $180,072



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