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Unlikely River Nets Homayun a Big Double Up

By April 18, 2023No Comments

Blinds: 400,000/800,000

On the final hand of this level, David Uvaydov and Esa Homayun were heads up on a flop of [Ah][5d][2s]. Uvaydov led for 1,500,000, and Homayun clicked it back with a raise to three million. Uvaydov thought briefly before calling, and both players checked the [Kd] turn.

The [3d] completed the board, and big stack Uvaydov spent about 90 seconds scanning the stacks at the table before announcing all in. Homayun quickly tossed one chip in and flipped over [3c][3s] for a rivered set.

Uvadov could only shake his head as he flashed [Ad][5s] for two pair, and suddenly, Uvadov is one of the short stacks, while Homayun is the new chip leader with 34,000,000.

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