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WSOPC Main Event Winner Tae Gon Kim Leads Mega Millions Tonight

By April 18, 2023No Comments

Play has wrapped up for the night here at the Mega Millions, and a total of 60 players will be moving on to Day 3 tomorrow. Leading the way is a man who is familiar with the winner’s circle here at the Winnin’ O’ the Green, Tae Gon Kim, who won the WSOPC Main Event for over $111,000 just a few weeks ago. He is in prime position for another big score with 5,870,000.

There are plenty of notables still remaining. David Uvaydov, who played 32 of the 33 starting sessions, will be extending his stay at this event, bagging up 3,500,000 tonight. Also advancing was former Mega Millions champion Larry Quang with 3,560,000, and Sami Bechahed, who is looking to make his third Mega Millions related final table in a row. He is a bit short with 1,105,000.

Other notables moving on to Day 3 tomorrow at 12 PM include Chahn Jung (5,000,000), Ty Dobbertin (3,415,000), Phong “Turbo” Nguyen (2,935,000), Chris Klodnicki (2,600,000), David Rosenbloom (2,500,000), and Adam Weinraub (2,450,000).

The tournament is also moving from the tournament ballroom to the cash game area by Phoenix Cafe tomorrow for the restart. See you all then


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