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Xie Wins with Queens, Then Loses with Queens

By November 27, 2022No Comments

Blinds: 50,000/100,000

Xiaochuan Xie scored a nice double-up through Christian Gottwald, when his pocket queens held up against the [Kc][Qc] of Gottwald. The case queen would come on the flop, and though Gottwald turned a club flush draw, he couldn’t complete it.

Xie doubled up to nearly two million after that hand, but he just took a hit to his stack, after calling Mike Stella’s all-in with queens again, [Qh][Qs]. this time. Stella had [As][Qc], and though he was behind preflop, he dominated the board of [Ac][5s][6c][2c][3c], flopping top pair, and making an unnecessary flush to double up to over a million chips.

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