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Gallagher Doubles Up In Runout Straight out of the Movies

By March 6, 2023One Comment

It looked like Jason Gallagher’s day was going to come to an abrupt end, when he got his final chips in preflop holding [Ah][Kh]. Unfortunately for him, Bret Gross had woken up with [As][Ac], and quickly put him at risk. Gallagher would catch one king in the window, and another one came after on the flop of [Ks][Js][Kd].

Amazingly, the [Kc] came on the turn to give Gallagher quads, and as it turned out, he would need it, as another one outer came on the river, the [Ad].

Somehow, aces over kings was still no good, as Gallagher had quad kings to double up to over 4,500,000, while Gross is stung but still in with nearly five million.



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