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Interview With $300,000 Guaranteed Event Winner Jason Gallagher

By March 7, 2023No Comments

Last night, Jason Gallagher finished on top of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event, earning a career best score of $95,455. He nearly missed out on the final table, getting his stack in preflop with Ace-King vs Aces, only to make quads by the turn. We asked him about that hand, and some other questions, after his big victory last night. Check out that interview below.

You just took down our $300,000 Guaranteed Event outright no chop for over $95,000. How you feeling? 

“A little giddy. Tired, happy, it’s pretty sweet,” said Gallagher.

You were on the shorter side for a while and then amped up the aggression short-handed. Was that your strategy or just how the cards dictated things? 

“I think patience paid off for me earlier when I was near dead and I just sort of relied on that and picked my spots well. I got really lucky for sure and sucked out a couple of times.

I have to ask you about the Ace-King vs Aces hand. What was going through your mind when it happened?

“When we turned the cards off I didn’t get up I never get up and start walking away when I’m all-in it’s too cliche, and now I’ve proven that works. If you sit there, you get quads (he said with a laugh). Think that was just the poker gods on my side.

Tell me about your poker experience leading up to this tournament.

I don’t play very often I’m certainly not a pro. I’m a composer and editor and I play tournaments when I can. I’ve played some at the World Series but not the Main Event that’s a bucket list item for sure. Local events on the east coast when I lived there. But yeah I work and have a 2 1/2 year old son who keeps me very busy.

Does a score like this change how much you will play in the future? 

Yes, I plan on going on a huge world poker tour! No not that but I definitely do plan on playing more events here for sure this will help with that.

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